Residential Hardifence (Super6) Fencing

Super six and hari fence residential fencing perth fencing force installed super six fences perth

Easily painted to suit your colour requirements

The sheets are designed to be buried 600 deep which keep's neighbours pets, plants or weeds from invading your backyard

Resistant to damage from termites, moisture, rotting and fire

Ideal for Perth’s sandy soil conditions

New Fence Installations

When it’s time to replace your Super 6 fence it’s time to call Fencing Force.

Residential fencing is desired by many people wanting effective protection for their property and belongings. Homeowners can opt for a variety of fences based on looks, needs,and of course budget. At Fencing Force we understand the importance of your needs and preferences and will meet them by offering a range of quality fencing options.

Fencing Force always provides high-quality service, with the installation carried out by the professional workers on our team, who work on every project with great care.

Asbestos Removal

If you are not sure if your fence is asbestos make sure you call an expert before trying to remove.

Asbestos fencing is the most prevalent form of asbestos in Perth. They are characterised by their dull grey corrosive appearance. Broken or cracked asbestos fencing expose's the fibres that are then easily released into the air.

Fencing Force Can Help With The Following

Due to health risk's damaged fencing should be immediately removed.

Asbestos fence removal services